Sadly there will be no more updates at my pay site and the website will close later this year.
Subscriptions have understandably tailed off or been cancelled due to the paucity of updates in recent years.
I won't go into the personal reasons for that.
In addition the increased VISA and MASTERCARD credit card annual fees for so called 'High Brand Risk' categories are no longer commercially viable. This year the VISA fee is $950. The website enjoyed third party support for updating but the technical structure and system is now obsolete, making that process challenging and time consuming. Generally the trend is for increased interference and 'jump through hoops' bureaucracy for 'adult' sites, making life difficult for individual artists and illustrators, probably deliberately.

The Art of Nimrod blog

will be continued with update news and related articles. And in the near future I hope to be able to post new illustrations as well as some older, very bizarre and never before published illustrations and complete illustrated stories at Artist NimRod at

Thank you to those subscribers who have appreciated and supported my stuff for 16 years and to some very special friends who have supported, inspired and encouraged me along the way.