Oridomain © n. A virtual world of dominant oriental
women and their subjects (C21: a conjugation derived
from "oriental dominatrix" + "domain"); 1. A land
governed by and under the power of dominant oriental
women; 2. Parts of an abstract, fantasy or virtual
space where oriental female domination exists or is
performed; 3. The internet domain of artist NimRod.



The style of NimRod seeks to reflect and pay tribute to the saucy postcard genre of Donald McGill and to the pulp fiction magazines and comics of the 1940's and 50's. It draws on the fantasy and fictional world of Sax Rohmer, the creator of Fu Manchu, to explore an iconography of pulchritudinous femmes fatale and villainesses in bizarre FemDom situations set in the last century. It is for make believe, the stuff of daydreams rather than of nightmares, and pure fantasy.






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